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The Whisperings of the Snail

Snail Cult
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The Snail Cult was started when some stupid cricket started talking to Ryan and then it just went downhill, with some crap about a llama. I happen to not be a member of the snail cult, I'm actually an avatar of some other pandeitous belief system who's trying to force Ryan into posting his prophecies, which goes against Ryan's beliefs. I think. - Robert

The actual "organization" of the snail cult is just a bunch of people who tend to be late, that Ryan has tried to convince to go about being even later. Everyone who's a member, that I know of anyway, has actually been inducted by Ryan, which means they lived in Birmingham for at least the 3 hours it takes Ryan to tell people about the stuff. - Robert

Snails are scary - here, check it out: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/story/1301562p-7423618c.html